The USA is a nation on the move.  The average person moves about once every 5 years.  But there is “moving” and “relocating.”  All relocating is moving but all moving is not relocating.  What is the difference?

When you move you may just go to a new apartment or house, but are in the same metro area, but when you relocate you move to a new place, maybe one you have never been to before.

This site is dedicated to those who are going to or might just be thinking about relocating.  Instead of just talking about the logistics of the move, I hope to help you explore the mental parts so you can easily handle the big change.

I am someone who has moved several times, living in 3 states and 2 time zones.  I have moved by choice and by circumastnces forcing it.  Both planned for years in advance and with a short decision window.  Smaller place to bigger place, bigger to small.  I hope to share my experiences with you so your relocation is a positive thing in your life.


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